Whenever a medical record is involved, call Sierra Nurse Consultants, LLC for prompt, efficient and professional service.

Whether you need medical records organized, cases screened for merit, summary reports prepared or testifying experts located, Sierra Nurse Consultants, LLC can help.

As a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant with 25 years of nursing experience in medical surgical, critical care, home care, administration and education, I can save you time by being able to decipher medical records to determine the relevant facts and resources needed for your case. My quality assurance and credentialing review experience and effective medical-healthcare literature research skills will give you the edge you need in determining which standards of care have been breached and by whom.

To expedite our workflow, I am experienced with all Microsoft Office programs.

Services Offered

Medical Records

Standards of Care

Research and Examinations

Expert Witness Search

Litigation Support

Contact Us

Call Sierra Nurse Consultants for all of your medical legal support needs.

Becky Czarnik RN, MS, CLNC
Work 775-853-1125
Fax 775-853-1124
15025 Broili Drive
Reno, NV 89511-9260

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